Would teaching assistants make good teachers?

A survey by TES Institute may have hinted at a solution to continued staffing problems in schools across England. The data they collected showed that three of ten teaching assistants possess a degree and would be interested in qualifying as teachers.

If all of these TAs did make the move it could result in an influx of 122,000 new teachers. This would go a huge way to resolving shortages in schools, especially if they trained in areas where demand is the highest.

Incredibly, of those 122,000 individuals 75% already have at least three years of experience of working in schools. This would be a real benefit to them when they successfully qualify as teachers, giving them knowledge of classroom environments and the challenges they can present. The experience of working with students that need more help would also be very beneficial.

The results of the survey come at a time when schools are under increasing budgetary pressures and many are reducing the number of TAs they have. Those who lose their position should seriously consider a move to teaching, whether it is full time or in a supply role.

Some schools have already reported success with TAs transformed into teachers according to Nick Brook of the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT). Particularly it is a good way of growing talent and giving individuals the chance to gain experience within the school. This can result in them staying longer.

The route from TA to teacher is less common than you would expect and increased flexibility is needed to make it more appealing. Particularly TAs would need support so they can fulfil their role whilst also completing the necessary training and getting their qualifications.

At Moore Teachers we recruit both primary school teachers and TAs to work at schools throughout the areas we serve. As a result we know the demands of each role and how transferrable skills could be between them.

Any local school struggling with staffing shortages can come to us for support. We excel at primary provision, particularly when it comes to providing teaching assistants Epping Forest schools can rely on to deliver incredible standards. We have processes in place to vet staff effectively, ensuring they are trained, qualified, and professional.

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