Procedure & Pay

Accepting a booking


We always try to give you as much notice as possible, but sometimes it will be a call early morning. Once you have accepted the booking, we will email confirmation:


  • School name and address
  • Year group covering
  • Any school requests regarding planning
  • Name of school contact
  • Length of assignment


We do expect you to stand by your commitment, but if you are unable to attend you must call the office as soon as possible.



Arrival at School


  • Please allow yourself time to be in school for 8.15 so you can prepare and be ready when the class arrive
  • If you are going to be late, we expect you to let us know so we can inform the school
  • Report to the school contact and ask about the timetable for the day, any SEN requirements in the class, planning and their behaviour policy



What to take with you


  • Timesheet
  • Handover form
  • Lessons in case no planning has been left
  • ID badge
  • DBS (if new school)
  • Photo ID e.g. your passport, again if this is your first time in the school



Getting Paid


We ensure that the daily rate you receive reflects the work that you do.


Your pay is made weekly in arrears on receipt of a signed timesheet, which should be emailed or sent via WhatsApp to us at the end of your assignment, or the end of each week.

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