Some top tips for primary teaching assistants

Working as a teaching assistant in a primary school can be an incredibly rewarding career pursuit. It gives you the chance to support children at the very earliest stages of their education, helping them to find their passion for learning. The role can be very diverse and as fun as it is challenging.

At Moore Teachers we have built a reputation for excelling at primary provision. In particular we offer the very best teaching assistants East Hertfordshire schools can appoint, whether on a short or long term basis. We only recruit highly trained TAs and vet them as carefully as possible to make sure they will perform.

In our years of serving local schools we have learned a great deal about the things that a TA can do to be successful. Below you can find some of the most useful tips.


1) Be Passionate

Passion and being enthusiastic about teaching will take you a long way. You’ll give more to your job and should see a better response from the pupils too. After-all, who doesn’t want to learn from someone who is genuinely excited about teaching?


2) Get Creative

Creativity is a wonderful attribute to have if you are a TA. It can help you to keep the pupils engaged and focused on their learning. It will also prevent sessions from becoming boring.


3) Trust your Initiative

TAs with the ability to read a situation and take action without guidance from the teacher are a great asset. They can help to reduce disruptions in lessons whilst simultaneously delivering the additional support that pupils need.


4) Be Attentive

Primary school children tend to have a relatively short attention span. Unfortunately this can occasionally lead to bad behaviour. Good TAs can keep an eye on the class and react when attention starts to slip. They can also note any changes in behaviour and notify teachers or parents.


5) Engage with Everybody

TAs have a unique position in that they can engage with the teacher, pupils, and parents too. This means they can get everybody focused and support them wherever needed.
If they have any questions about teaching assistants East Hertfordshire schools only need contact us. We are happy to help and always achieve the best standards.