Resolutions for 2018 in the education sector

The New Year is a great time for reflection and planning ahead. In the education sector a lot of energy is going in to thinking about what resolutions may be needed to improve standards. As one of the leading names for primary provision specialising in primary teachers working on a supply basis Epping Forest has, we would like to go over some of the most important requirements here.


Recruitment and retention

These remain two of the biggest issues in the whole teaching world. The number of people training for a career as a teacher continues to fall and experienced teachers continue to leave the professional for various reasons. Rural areas are hit particularly hard and can struggle to fill posts full time. More needs to be done to attract people to teaching and encourage them to stay.


Teacher Wellbeing

One of the things that is a major reason for teacher shortages is the lack of focus on their wellbeing. Many teachers work very long hours and have to deal with a lot of pressure. This can all add up to a negative impact on their health. It is time that teachers had the care and consideration they need and be allowed to focus on their main goal, teaching.



Another issue in teaching is that schools fail to use their entire team efficiently. The lack of unity between teachers, TAs, and other support staff can result in lost opportunities to enhance the experience pupils have. More effort is needed to ensure that these professionals support and help each other.



Schools across the UK have had to face the harsh reality of a reduction in their budgets. This has not only affected them individually but has caused worries in the whole community. Change is needed so that each school can focus on their strategic planning and running schools without such uncertainty.

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