Will teacher workload be cut?

In March the new education secretary Damian Hinds made an important revelation at a conference of head teachers in Birmingham. He explained that there would be no more changes to testing at primary, GSCE and A-level. The hope is that this will reduce the workload of teachers, cutting the amount of administration that is necessary.


No further changes to exams

Currently there are a number of different changes to testing and curriculum in the pipeline that will affect schools in England. Although these will go ahead as planned, additional changes will not happen between now and the end of the current Parliament.

The big hope is that the reduction in workload will help to tackle the ongoing teacher shortage. The amount of work that teachers have to do causes some major issues, including causing people to leave the profession and deterring new trainees. Reducing the red tape and long hours could really help to make a career in teaching more attractive.


Reduce time on non-teaching tasks

Another important thing that was indicated at the conference was that time spent on non-teaching tasks should be reduced. Most importantly it is wise to reduce unnecessary meetings and rehearsals for inspections.

Head teachers have an important role to play in reducing teacher workload. They should ensure that the teaching staff can focus on their classes and supporting students rather than administrative work.

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