Teacher losses are becoming unsustainab

In a recent NEU survey 80% of classroom teachers reported that they had seriously considered leaving the profession in the past year. More worryingly a second poll found that only 50% consider that they will still be working in teaching in 10 years. The statistics indicate that the situation is going to become increasingly unsustainable.


More teachers could leave

The deadline for teachers to hand in their notice this year is the 31st of May. There has already been an influx of resignations, further leaving schools in a tricky situation when it comes to staffing. Tangible solutions are needed quickly if a huge issue is to be avoided.

Teachers who have resigned recently or already handed in their notice gave quite a list of reasons to explain their choice. The most common responses are issues like excessive workload, lack of support from senior staff, over-testing, and poor pupil behaviour.


What are the solutions?

Improving the situation will require a lot of work. It needs a concerted effort from various stakeholders, from ministers to head teachers. There is also belief that teachers themselves need to be more assertive to ensure they don’t simply accept high workload.

An important thing teachers should consider is that leaving the profession entirely may not be the best option. They should instead try working at a different school to see if they can find a better environment. Alternatively they could consider working as a supply teacher or on a job share or temporary contract.

Moore Teachers provides primary teachers working on a supply basis Harlow schools find to be very reliable. We achieve high standards because we work with the very best people and help them to find the right roles. While vetting recruits carefully we get to know their qualifications, experience and the kind of workload they want. That way we can help to ensure they are appointed effectively.

If you would like to discuss working on a supply basis and its sustainability, please contact us. We are always happy to offer support and information.