Would sabbaticals boost teacher retention?

Teacher retention is a serious issue at every level in the UK. It also comes at a time when attracting new people to the profession is difficult and pupil numbers are rising. The Government needs to come up with a solution quickly that will reduce the threat of staffing shortages.


Would a break from the classroom help?

An interesting plan for boosting retention was revealed at the start of May. The idea is to offer more experienced teachers the chance to take a sabbatical from the classroom over the course of their career. This would allow them to get a break from the hectic schedule and use the time constructively. While away they would have the option to work for a year in an industry that relates to their field or could participate in research.

The break could prove to be very useful. For one it would reduce the workload and give the teachers a chance to recharge their batteries. The year working in a suitable field or doing research may also ensure they return to the professional with new skills. As a result the level of teaching they provide would be higher.



As well as the announcement, Education Secretary Damian Hinds spoke about funds. The plan is to set aside £5million to support teachers who want to take a sabbatical. This would allow more people to take the break.


Retention is crucial

A lot of focus up until this point has been on encouraging more people to choose a career in teaching. Plans like the one above focus on resolving the core issue, making it more attractive to stay in the profession. It could help to change the culture in the industry.

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