DBS Policy

Moore Teachers Ltd

Disclosure & Barring Service – Policy Statement



  • Moore Teachers adheres to the DBS Code of Practice 2015 and The Protection of Freedom Act, 2012.


  • Every applicant is informed of the requirement for an Enhanced Disclosure in the first Vetting conversation and on the Application Form completed at interview.


  • Moore Teachers will accept an Enhanced Disclosure, dated within the previous 12 months, following compliance under the Risk Assessment Framework issued by the DBS. Checks on all disclosures will be carried out under the DBS Update Service.


  • No reproduction of the disclosure will be made.  Basic disclosure information will be recorded at time of registration interview and will be retained securely for a maximum of 6 months following a recruitment decision.


  • For applicants who have subscribed to the Update Service, which came into force June 2013, the DBS will be checked immediately upon registration and future checks will be undertaken annually, or after a 3 month gap of not working with Moore Teachers.


  • Those candidates who work consistently with Moore Teachers will be asked to update their Disclosure every three years (unless subscribed on the update service), or if there is a gap of 3 months or more in their work in the education field (not including the 6 week summer break for schools).


  • Disclosures and the information they contain are shared only with those who need to have access to them in the course of their duties and not passed to any third party persons not authorised to receive them. Every candidate will be advised to carry the Disclosure to each assignment in a new school so that the school may confirm the details therein for their single central records.


  • As far as possible, Moore Teachers will make sure recipients of Disclosure information do not discriminate against an applicant on the basis of conviction or other details revealed. A criminal record will not necessarily be a bar to obtaining a position and applicants can be assured that Disclosure information will not be used unfairly.


  • Any matters revealed in Disclosure information will be discussed with the applicant before withdrawing an offer of a placement.


  • Moore Teachers will co-operate with requests from the Disclosure and Barring Service to undertake assurance checks as to the proper use and safekeeping of Disclosure information and will report to the Bureau any suspected malpractice in relation to this Code of Practice or any suspected offences in relation to the misuse of Disclosures.


Available on request:

  • a copy of Moore Teacher’s policy on the recruitment of ex-offenders
  • a copy of Moore Teacher’s policy on the secure storage, handling, use, retention and disposal of Disclosures and Disclosure information

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